Keraty Professional, the latest innovation to meet your needs :

TRIPLEX HAIR SYSTEM, the choice between

  • intensive repair, without affecting the nature of your hair
  • Brazilian straightening
  • and redefining curls
Keraty Professional
A prodigious treatment for all types of hair

This fabulous treatment is suitable for all hair types :

  • Do you dream of straight and manageable hair ?
  • Do you dream of having beautiful, soft and shiny curls ?
  • Is your hair very damaged, but you don't really want to cut it ?
  • Are you fed up of frizz and hair that puffs up in wet weather ?

What are the components of Keraty Professional ?

A formula rich in amino acids and antioxidants whose cocktail creates a real CAPILLARY BOOST : for hair that is regenerated and intensely nourished, and hair that is stronger and more hydrated. No more brittle hair and hair loss.

The unique formula of KERATY PROFESSIONAL is made up of a fabulous mix of natural jewels :

Keratin, already present in the epidermis, penetrates the hair fibre to repair, discipline and make your hair much more shiny, supple and smooth.

When our hair becomes brittle and dull, it means that it lacks keratin.

Keraty Professional contains all the keratin molecules needed to fill the cracks, and will allow the hair fibre to be restored.

Collagen offers a new lease of life to weakened hair.

Shea butter, a true vegetable jewel, acts to promote capillary microcirculation, intensely repair and nourish curls, and eliminate frizz.

Aloe Vera, known for all its therapeutic virtues, offers the necessary hydration to the most dehydrated hair.

Jojoba oil regulates the secretion of sebum, and restores radiance, vitality and shine.

  • Coating the hair in order to repair and control it
  • Moisturising and intensely nourishing very dry hair
  • Repairing split hairs and restoring the hair fibre
  • Promoting capillary microcirculation
  • Eliminating frizz
  • Regulating the secretion of sebum
  • Giving back radiance, vitality and brilliance

KERATY PROFESSIONAL ? Who should use it and when ?

Don’t be jealous… Keraty is suitable for all hair types: whether your hair is frizzy or straight, wavy or curly, smooth or straight, coloured or bleached, fine or thick, dry or very dry, damaged or brittle, weakened by time or damaged by various chemical processes, or simply normal and natural.

Keraty Professional is the perfect partner for your hair in any season :

  • Before your holidays, to protect it from the sun and sea water.
  • After your holidays, because it has been weathered by the sun, sand and sea water.
  • To prepare your hair as winter approaches, as it badly lacks vitamins.
  • As autumn approaches, as falling leaves often go hand in hand with hair loss.

Keraty, and then what ?

No matter which process you choose, the result will be surprising: intensely nourished and hydrated hair which feels extremely soft and supple!

Visible results from the first wash: smooth hair which is easy to comb, revitalised and strengthened, with frizz eliminated!

No more wasting time applying products to control and give a temporary shine, no more brittle and damaged hair and no more constant blow-drying.

Your hair will regain unparalleled vitality and a phenomenal shine, thanks to the beneficial powers of aloe vera and keratin.

How often should you use Keraty Professional ?

It all depends on how you look after your hair. The more you take care of your hair after Keraty treatment, the more effective it will be. The use of a mild shampoo and conditioner is recommended, without aggressive ingredients for your hair, such as sulphates, sodium, silicones or parabens.

The effect will last for 3 to 5 months
If you maintain your hair with completely adapted haircare

That’s why the Keraty Professional line has been developed complete with its treatment kit.

To pamper your hair, Keraty has designed a sulphate and sodium-free shampoo to gently cleanse your hair, and a silicone-free conditioner to look after your lengths.